My Dear Friends,

Life can be full of many new, different, and exciting things for each of us. It is with sad heart and mixed feelings that I must inform you that I have closed my car dealership. Due to extended family circumstances, my family and I moved to Utah on June 1, 2010. That is where I have been the past 2 years helping my dad in ill health and taking over his well established businesses he has done for 50 yrs.

I will be forever grateful for you, my customers and friends, and for the friendships and kindnesses and notes and gifts and cards we have exchanged over the years; but mostly I am humbled by your kindnesses in letting me, a stranger, assist you with your automotive needs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You have graciously allowed me this kindness over the past 10 yrs. May you each continue to drive Toyotas. :) And may you know of my love and sincere appreciation for allowing me to serve you! If any of you are ever near St. George, Utah, I would love to say hi or catch up with you! My phone number will never change! So call me and say hi, sit down, put your feet up and even stay a while, if you have even a moment.

May each of you feel richly rewarded in all of your business and personal pursuits in life, and may God bless you and your families with what you stand in need of most, is my wish.

Your friend,

Buff Williams